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Topography and Drainage

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The region is flat and low-lying, but three major physiographic units can be identified from the terrain, the alluvial plains (mangrove and flood plains), the beach ridge sands and the rolling sandy plains.


The alluvial plains comprise mangrove swamps and fresh water flood plains. The mangrove swamps, which are drained by tidal brackish water, are found in the estuaries of Imo River, Uta Ewa (Jaja), Shooter and Qua Iboe Creeks and along the coastal fringes, separating the beach ridge sands from the upland coastal sandy plains. The fresh water flood plains are formed by the upper reaches of Imo River and a large network of creeks, the major ones being Essene, Uta Ewa (Jaja), Shooter and Qua Iboe Creeks. The area of alluvial plains is quite extensive, forming about 40 % of the total land mass of the LGA.


The beach ridge sand zone reaches from the mangrove mudflats towards the shoreline. The zone with its beautiful scenery is quite extensive around Okoroete, creating an attractive tourist resort. In the forties and early fifties, it used to attract a good number of Europeans from the upland areas to Ikot Abasi (Opobo). The tourist potential of the beautiful scenery of the beach sands needs to be explored.


The rolling sandy plains are located in the upland areas of the local government area, the topography is gently undulating plains, being part of the coastal plain sands of Calabar Formation. It occupies about 50 % of the land mass of the LGA. The area is drained by the Imo River and its tributaries, principally Essene Creek and numerous streams and rivulets. The Essene Creek is the most important physical feature in the area. It comes from the northern part, passing through Mkpat Enin LGA and moving southwards. Another creek (Ete Creek), which passes through Ukpum Ete and Okon territory, joins it near Urua Essen, at a confluence, usually referred to as Mkpat Ete - Mkpat Aya. The creek then flows into the Imo River at a point near Ikot Abasi. The tidal creek is navigable by launch at high tides and was a major transport route for the early European trade into the hinterland.

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