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Russian investors flee ALSCON

Author: john on 19-03-2014, 02:03, views: 11 726

Expatriate management team of the Russian company, UC RUSAL, currently operating the Aluminum Smelter Company of Nigeria, ALSCON, were reported to have fled the multi-billion naira plant, leaving behind, an army of aggrieved indigenous workers who had earlier taken the company to an industrial court in Calabar over unpaid salary arrears.

This was confirmed to Nigerian Pilot during a telephone interview with the Chairman, Steel and Engineering Workers’ Union of Nigeria, ALSCON chapter, Comrade Sunny James.

James corroborated report from the Mboho community under the leadership of Obong Amete Ntak, which alleged that the Russians are fleeing because of the possible consequences of their acts of stripping the assets of the company in a manner that smacks of fraud and deliberate attempt to destroy the plants.

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Government Should Introduce Policy That Protects Local Production

Author: john on 3-02-2014, 08:22, views: 10 821


Lagos — Tower Aluminium will soon be celebrating 60 years of serving Nigerian population with pots and pans, long-span roofing and aluminium extruded profiles used for doors and windows frames.


In the last few years, Tower has found it difficult to compete with imported Chinese aluminium coils, which are used for production of long-span roofing and aluminium profiles or extrusions normally used for production of doors and windows frames.


In this interview, the Group Managing Director of Tower Aluminum, Chief (Dr.) Jinesh Chandra Dugad, who had in February 2013 cried out to the federal government over the challenges threatening continued production at the nation's aluminum giant, iterates that the local aluminium production sector might just go the sorry way of the local textiles and tyre manufacturing production sectors if the federal government doesn't quickly formulate and sincerely implement the vital policies to save it.


Last year, you addressed a press conference lamenting the challenges facing the aluminum sector, especially the Tower Aluminum Company that is the only surviving aluminum coils manufacturing company in the country. One year after, has there been any policy change to ameliorate the problem?


While some serious work has been put in place by the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and the Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment, work which has recognised the need to protect the aluminium sector, there has been no firm action so far to protect the producers of aluminium coils and aluminium profiles against unfair competition mainly from China. Since last February when we met, there has not been any policy change. As we understood, the Common Economic Tariff (CET) of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) which was to expire in December 2013 was being reviewed and there could be revision of duty. It is already 2014 and the ECOWAS-CET duty structure has now been extended and will be revised in January 2015. 


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No Asset Stripping in ALSCON - BPE Boss

Author: john on 16-01-2014, 08:17, views: 8 618


Uyo — The Director General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises, (BPE), Mr Benjamin Dikki, recently visited the Aluminum Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON), to ascertain claims of asset stripping at the plant. In this interview with our correspondent in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, after the visit, Dikki explains issues surrounding the claims. Excerpts.


What informed your visit to ALSCON?


We are here because we have heard a lot of information or misinformation that this plant was being vandalized and equipment removed. And so, it was a concern to us and we felt that we should not allow one of our key national assets to be vandalised and be made non-operational. That is why we embarked on this trip; to see with our eyes, and with few personnel also coming along with us to establish the veracity of these claims.


You have all gone round and have seen with your eyes, that all the equipment we have seen are actually being operationalised - they are all in functional mode. What are being moved out are scrapped and waste products that have accumulated in the factory over a long period of time and we have seen them. These are things that will not be useful to this factory and in fact they are environmental hazards and should actually be removed from the business premises as soon as it is feasible.


We will find out exactly where these rumours are coming from; whether people are trying to agitate for issues and are trying to use this as a medium of negotiation. We will sit down with the relevant stakeholders and find out exactly what the problem is and see if we can resolve it.

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Why I have committed 10 years of my life to the ALSCON ownership battle - Dr Jaja

Author: john on 22-12-2013, 08:14, views: 9 553


Dr Reuben Jaja, is the Chief Executive Officer, BFI Group Corporation. On December 3, the corporation once again obtained judgment at the Supreme Court of Nigeria as the rightful owner of ALSCON, the aluminum manufacturing plant in Akwa Ibom State. In this interview, Jaja speaks on his dreams for the plant and how BFG intends to create over 2400 jobs there.


The Supreme Court has once again affirmed your ownership of the Aluminium Smelter plant in Akwa Ibom State. So how do you resolve the controversial Share Purchase Agreement with the Bureau of Public Enterprise?

We have a share purchase agreement that has been negotiated. We have executed it and we have given it to the BPE, which they have not signed. We are now going to court to compel them to sign. The BPE, on October 8 this year, gave us a 58-page document which stated the purchase price as $250 million. We accepted and returned it.
They acknowledged it, sent us letters and we discussed it. There are documents to that effect. As far as we are concerned, that share purchase agreement that they sent to us is the mutually agreed share purchase agreement and the court should compel them to execute this agreement.


What is the physical state of ALSCON now?

Between when we first got judgment and now, there has been absolute vandalisation of the plant. We have seen the host community of ALSCON intercepting truckloads of vandalised items and things stolen from the plant. We have had local engineers as well as the workers union there complaining bitterly about the vandalised accessories. We intercepted the transfer of ALSCON tanks to a neighbouring company and forced it back. They gave us reasons that made no sense. We see this as a conscious effort to strip the plant and sell all parts to whoever is ready to buy. The Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly even passed a resolution begging the federal government to come and rescue the plant.

Even at the Supreme Court, the justices advised us to enforce retrieval fast, otherwise we would be taking over a complete carcass.



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Supreme Court chides BPE for refusing to comply with judgment on ALSCON‬

Author: john on 29-11-2013, 08:06, views: 10 845


The BFIG wants an enforcement of a Supreme Court ruling on ALSCON.


The Supreme Court on Tuesday chided the Bureau for Public Enterprises, BPE, for refusing to comply with its July 6, 2012 ruling ordering the revocation of the sale of the Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria, ALSCON, Ikot Abasi to UC RUSAL, the Russian firm that took over the plant in controversial circumstances in 2006.‬


‪The Nigerian-American consortium, BFIGroup, was declared the winner of the bid for the plant by the National Council on Privatisation, NCP, in 2004, but was disqualified and the bid cancelled by BPE.‬


‪Following the controversial disqualification by BPE, BFIG went to court seeking the revocation of the decision to transfer the ownership of ALSCON to RUSAL and its reinstatement as the authentic bid winner.‬


‪After eight years of legal tussle, the Supreme Court, in a ruling on July 6, 2012, unanimously ordered specific performance mandating BPE to provide a mutually agreed share purchase agreement, SPA, for BFIG to pay the agreed 10 per cent of the accepted bid price of $410 million within 15 working days from the date of its execution in accordance with agreement of May 20, 2004. ‬

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ALSCON missing tank traced to Ibom power plant

Author: john on 23-10-2013, 16:53, views: 12 664

253 We loaned it to them—RUSAL

By Soni Daniel, Regional Editor, North

ABUJA—Accusations of asset stripping at the Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria re-echoed, yesterday, following the discovery of a 50,000-litre oil tank belonging to the company in nearby Ibom Power Company, which is owned by Akwa Ibom State Government.

The report is coming barely a month after BFIG, the American firm that the court vested the ownership of the company with, cried out that the Russian firm, RUSAL, that was still laying claims to ownership after being sacked by the Supreme Court, was actively looting the assets of the firm, with a view to stifling the reopening of the plant by the real owners.

Although RUSAL laid off many of its workers and shut the plants early this year, on the grounds that it did not have steady gas supply, coupled with the uncertainty over the ownership, it had, nonetheless, continued to play with the assets of the firm.

BFIG returns to Supreme Court

BFIG has already returned to the Supreme Court pleading the apex court to compel the Bureau for Public Enterprise, BPE, on whose back RUSAL rode to the occupation of te premises of the firm, to comply with the order dismissing it from the plant.

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Concerns grow over ALSCON!

Author: john on 23-10-2013, 16:50, views: 8 712


Concerns grow over ALSCON!Workers of the Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON) and Ikot Abasi community youth groups have raised the alarm over alleged asset stripping in the company, which has been without a legal management since the court sacked the Russian firm, UC RUSAL, from running it.

Although UC RUSAL suspended production in the first quarter of the year, it has nevertheless continued to lay claim to the ownership of ALSCON, insisting that the Supreme Court ruling of 2012 does not stop it from manning the steel firm.

While production has been halted, RUSAL is allegedly engaged in systematic stripping of the assets in a bid to cripple the plant and frustrate the American firm, BFIG, which the court recognised as the bonafide buyers of the firm. RUSAL dismissed the allegation, saying it was merely ridding its territory of obsolete assets.

The workers, under the aegis of the Metal Products Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (MPSSAN), alleged that UC RUSAL had been dismantling and selling for cash stem rods and anodes, vital components of the plant used in the manufacture of steel ingots.

A spokesman of the workers association told reporters in Abuja that the Russian firm, which had failed in recent times to pay salaries to workers, was also cutting and melting the bussbar/risers used in transmitting electric current to the production pots for melting aluminium and selling them as ingots.

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Ikot Abasi Community Kicks Against Vandalisation Of ALSCON

Author: john on 25-09-2013, 14:12, views: 8 981


The Ikot Abasi Community, host to Aluminum Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON) has added its voice to the alleged vandalism going on in the plant, calling on UC RUSAL to suspend cutting of anode stems, and the proposed melting of their aluminium components for sale as ingots, as well as the sale of the stem nipples to a contractor which has already been identified and is on standby.


The community under the aegis of Mboho Ikot Abasi also called on ALSCON Managing Director Stanislav Kruglyashov to comprehensively address the various areas of concern, including arranging a facility tour of the plant for members of the community to enable them see things for themselves.


In the letter written to the management of RUSAL and dated August 2, 2013, which was signed by Engr. Dr. Donatus Uko President General and Elder Genesis Udoh, Secretary General the community also urged RUSAL to discontinue the stripping of the plant including the re-bagging of alumina and coke for sale as well as the dismantling of Electrical Bussbars Assemblies for sale.


“You will recall that we expressed deep concern regarding what appears to be the systematic cannibalisation of plant facilities in place of the outright procurement and replacement of any faulty or failed parts. It is certainly clear that this practice is not in the best interest of the plant particularly in terms of its long term profile”.


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Phylosophy of the Ikot Abasi Aluminium Smelter plant

Author: smith on 22-09-2013, 23:00, views: 7 690


The philosophy of the Aluminium Smelter project is the exportation of the nation's abundant gas resources in embodied form to generate the much needed foreign exchange for the country. The smelter will utilise a substantial portion of gas: approximately a billion cubic metres annually, which is presently wastefully flared in the oil production industry, to generate economic energy for the production of aluminium, the bulk of which will be exported. The availability of relatively cheap energy, which constitutes a significant 30 per cent of the cost of the energy-intensive process of aluminium production, is expected to enhance the competitiveness of the aluminium smelter plant products on the international market.
ALSCON News, Vol. 1, 1994

The special properties of aluminium, the smelting technology available and the ready availability of abundant natural gas reserves, reinforced the decision of the Federal Government of Nigeria to proceed with the establishment of the Ikot Abasi Smelter Plant. The Government of Nigeria will by, operating the Smelter, utilize the nation's abundant gas resources to generate energy for aluminium production and in turn, will receive much needed foreign exchange by exporting a large portion of the ingots and billets. Indeed, the whole philosophy of the project is the exportation of gas in embodied form.


Another important objective of the aluminium smelter project is the supply of the basic raw materials (ingots and billets) to local aluminium rolling mills and extrusion plants. These raw materials are currently imported. The Smelter will help the Government to conserve foreign exchange in addition to supporting expansion of aluminium-processing activities in the country - from the rolling mills and extrusion plants to down-stream industries making finished products such as aluminium kitchen utensils, aluminium roofing sheets, deep freezers, van bodies, wires and cables, and wrapping materials to name a few.


The Ikot Abasi Smelter brings desperately needed employment to the region. Skilled workers are trained in mechanical and electrical skills needed during the construction of the plant as well as in occupations needed to run and maintain the smelter. The commissioning of the plant guarantees long term primary and secondary employment for thousands of workers from welders and electricians to doctors and teachers.


The plant is intended to reduce the waste in the petroleum industry not only by utilising the natural gas now being flared; but also by promoting backward integration through the eventual production of petroleum coke.

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The Beginning

Author: smith on 22-09-2013, 22:00, views: 18 056


At the foundation stone laying ceremony on November 20, 1990: from left to right Mr, Roy Lee, Obong O.D. Etukafia, Dr. H. Beister, TataAskira, Mr. R. Reynolds, Alhaji Abubakar Alhaji (Chairman, ALSCON Board), Dr. H. Singer, Prof. I. C, I. Okafor, Dr. K. von Menges, High Chief Bola AdedipeAt the foundation stone laying ceremony on November 20, 1990: from left to right Mr, Roy Lee, Obong O.D. Etukafia, Dr. H. Beister, TataAskira, Mr. R. Reynolds, Alhaji Abubakar Alhaji (Chairman, ALSCON Board), Dr. H. Singer, Prof. I. C, I. Okafor, Dr. K. von Menges, High Chief Bola AdedipeIn pursuit of the plan to set-up an aluminium plant, the Federal Government of Nigeria, under the leadership of Alhaji Shehu Shagari, initiated talks with various interested bodies. Messrs. W. S. Atkins, a British firm, was commissioned to carry out a feasibility study on the project. With the change in government in 1983, discussions on the project were kept in abeyance until 1986 when the project was resuscitated by the Administration of General Ibrahim Babangida.


Thereafter, Ferrostaal AG of Germany, in conjunction with Reynolds International of the United States of America, submitted a joint proposal to the Federal Government for the establishment of an integrated 180,000-tonne per annum smelter plant. In response, the Government set up an Inter-Ministerial Committee under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Industries to process the proposal.


A consortium of consultants comprising M+F Engineering Consultants - a Zurich-based aluminium consulting firm -as well as FINCO Engineers and Phoenix Investment Services, both of Nigeria, were engaged to assit the Inter-Ministerial Committee. The Government also appointed a four-man Presidential Task-Force to finalize the articulation of the project and submit recommendations to the Government. The Task-Force comprised Alhaji Abubakar Alhaji (Chairman), Mallam Ibrahim Aliu, who was then Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Industries, Aret Adams, then the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, and C. C. Okoye, then Director in the Ministry of Budget and Planning. Mr. Okoye, currently ALSCON's Deputy General Manager (Planning and Administration), also coordinated the preparation of this book.


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