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The ALSCON Smelter

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General view of the plant: Potrooms in the middleIn Ikot Abasi, the ALSCON Smelter is established with two series of 216 electrolytic cells, each series being termed a potline. In each of these potlines, two buildings approximately 0.8 km long, contain the reduction operation with state of the art computer control systems and highly mechanized cranes and raw materials (alumina, cryolite, etc.) handling systems. Huge fume treatment systems evacuate the off gases and scrub them of impurities before recycling the potentially harmful fluoride components back to the process.


Nearby is a fully integrated Carbon Plant which will produce the carbon anodes required, using imported calcined petroleum coke and pitch binder. This section of the smelter is also fitted with modern dust control and fume treatment plants, equal to or better than other similar plants throughout the world.


When the molten metal is 'tapped' from the pots into multiple vacuum or syphon crucibles, it is then treated to remove any potroom chemicals carried over, before combining it in the Casting Plant with any alloying elements required by the customer's specification. The final metal composition is then cast into commercial remelting ingots or specific shapes for further processing into flat sheet products or extended architectural sections.


An extensive materials and chemical testing laboratory is also located on site and helps maintain the process parameters and environmental control equipment within world class standards. It also allows the cast metal product to be analysed to precision limits and thereby meet the needs of the customer.

Inside the PotroomAn Anode Changing Crane inside the Potroom 
Aluminum smelter process flowAluminum smelter process flow The Cast House on the leftThe Cast House on the left
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