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Nearby Places of Interest

Minya, a village in Mkpat Enin LGA. A large village of old warrior traditions, known for its resistance to colonial rule; a local administrative centre


Ukam, a village in Mkpat Enin LGA. A large market and colonial administrative and economic centre, initial point of the 1929 Women's War in Opobo Division


Ekparakwa (45 km from Uyo). A large area market


Uyo, capital city of Akwa Ibom State (80 km). Modern architecture: Government House and Offices, State Secretariat, Ibom Hall and the Ibom Connection sculpture - a symbol of the people's unity; the University of Uyo and the Traditional Museum Kitchen and shop over the scenic Uyo Ravine


Nwaniba (12 km from Uyo). A tourist resort with recreational facilities and a golf course on the bank of a creek, the site of an old palm oil trading centre


Itu (98 km) - scenic beauty, colonial relics and old trading beach


Ikot Ekpene (88 km). A commercial town and craft production centre with raffia, wood carving and modern pottery craft shops


Ibeno. Ocean waterfront resort with fine sand and recreational facilities provided by Mobil Producing Nig. Unltd. Nearby are Mobil's Tank Farm and mineral oil production facilities

Qua Iboe Church at Ibeno, Eket. Site of the first Qua Iboe Mission in Nigeria, architectural and historical monument

Pegasus Club at Eket (45 km). Mobil's sports and recreational centre

National Museum at Oron (90 km). Home of the ancient Oro Ekpu ancestral figures, some of the oldest surviving woodcarvings in Africa. Recreational facilities

Stubb's Creek Reserve - a nature conservation and wild life sanctuary of 30,000 ha mangrove swamp


Etinan (60 km) - an old town, missionary and education centre


Calabar (170 km), capital of the Cross River State, an ancient centre of civilisation and culture. The first seat of the British Protectorate administration in Southern Nigeria, the Old Residency building now serves as a museum


Aba (180 km) - a big commercial centre, serving the whole of South Eastern Nigeria, which rose into prominence with the demise of the Opobo Port


Port Harcourt (70 km) - a large industrial centre and state capital, built as a port and railway terminal at the beginning of the century. Under government protection, it attracted the export trade and foreign companies from Opobo/Ikot Abasi


Kono Beach - a picturesque riverside and boat port with a dainty restaurant on the Ikot Abasi-Port Harcourt highway

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